Electromagnetic Beam Crane

Electromagnetic girder bridge cranes are usually bridge cranes with electromagnets, which are used in many machinery manufacturing plants and steel plants. It is a special crane for handling and moving steel, steel plate and steel pipe mainly by electromagnetic. It is mainly used for stacking the finished steel plates, billets or profiles from conveying to the production line of the continuous rolling workshop, and for loading and unloading vehicles or stacking operations in the finished product warehouse.

In order to prevent the electromagnetic bridge crane from falling off due to power failure, the electromagnetic suction of our electromagnetic girder bridge crane can continue to work for 10 minutes after the power failure. In order to meet different handling jobs, the shape of our electromagnetic spreader can be customized according to the shape of the material being lifted.

The electromagnetic spreader can be a disc type magnetic spreader or a square magnetic spreader, but in general it has two types, one is an electromagnetic chuck and the other is an electromagnetic beam. The electromagnetic beam of this bridge crane also has two forms, one is a non-rotating beam and the other is a rotating beam. The non-rotating beam is mainly a spreader that is vertical or parallel to the main beam, and the rotating beam is rotated by the main hoisting mechanism of the crane. We can equip dedicated electromagnetic spreaders and custom electromagnetic beams according to your specific needs.

It is mainly composed of girder, driving mechanism, lifting trolley, electrical components and special electromagnetic spreader.

You can choose according to your needs, or you can consult our experts, we can provide you with the best solution for Electromagnetic Beam Crane.


1. There are three types of entrances to the cab: end, side and top entrances;

2. When the electromagnetic board is working, the rotating part of the hook must be locked with screws;

3. The lifting weight includes the weight of the electromagnetic part, and the weight of the whole machine does not include the weight of the electromagnetic chuck and its components;

4. The box beam structure adopts robot high-strength welding;

5. Wheels, wire rope drums, gears and couplings are all made of CNC, with high quality;

6. Wuxi NGP heavy-duty slip ring motor is the first in domestic quality;

7. German Siemens electrical equipment;

8. Independent control system: wireless control or cab control;

9. Lifting overload protection device;

10. Polyurethane buffer;

11. Crane travel limit switch;

12. Decompression protection;

13. Emergency stop device;

14. Current overload protector;

Capacity t 7.5+7.5 10+10 16+16 17.5+17.5
Span m 28 28 28 28
Work duty A7 A7 A7 A7
Max. lift height m 12 16 16 16
Lift speed m/min 12.9 11.9 12 12
Trolley speed m/min 42.7 38 37.9 39.8
Crane speed m/min 100 91.3 114 114
Hoisting motor power KW YZR280M-10/55 YZR315M-10/63 YZR355M-10/90 YZR355M-10/90
Trolley traveling power KW YZR200L-8/2×15 YZR160M2 YZR160L-6/11 YZR160L-6/11
Crane traveling power KW YZR200L-8/2×15 YZR180L-82×15 YZR225M-8/22×2 YZRM-8/22×2
Magnet weight kg        
Trolley weight kg 14280 14980 16.23 16.50
Crane weight kg 54280 62865 89.5 100.6
Max. wheel load KN 240 280 39.0 40.6
Rail recommended kg/m 38.43 38.43 QU70 QU100
Power supply AC 3P 380v 500Hz 380v 50Hz 380v 50Hz 380 50Hz
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