Refuse Crane

Refuse Crane is a key equipment in waste processing facilities for refuse-derived fuels and cogeneration plants.

The refuse crane is installed over the garbage pit for garbage charging, transport, mixing and weighing. It can be manual control, semi-automatic control and full-automatic control, carrying out automatic grabbing, automatic repeat feeding, automatic repeat dumping, and automatic parking. Our refuse crane have been widely used in waste incineration plants with a daily processing capacity from 600 T/D to 4800 T/D.

Advanced integrated PLC control system.

1. Each crane is equipped with an independent PLC to control the crane individually.


2. All movements of the crane including moving, loading, and mixing, are controlled in operation room.


3. The electrical control adopts the system of "PLC + Touch Screen + VFD regulation" to realize the comprehensive monitoring, control and high-precision speed regulating functions of the crane.


4. Each mechanism of the crane adopts digital frequency conversion speed regulation device, and the whole crane adopts PLC control, which can realize manual/semi-automatic/ fully automatic operation.


5. It has the functions of real-time dynamic measurement of garbage, crane fault alarm and remote fault diagnosis.

Three model operation: manual control, semi-automatic control and full-automatic control.


The three modes can be switched freely and manual control always has priority function in any automatic mode, it is means that as long as the operator touches the operating handle of the linkage platform at any time, the automatic control mode will immediately stop and switch to the manual model.


1. Manual model. Operator control the crane with the linkage console.


2. Semi-Automatic model. The grab operation is manual control, and the auto controlled part includes the moving to charging port, weighing and charging.


3. Fully-Automatic model. Once the crane receiving the charging signal from the charge port, the crane starts to do every move automatically, moving to the garbage, lower the grab, grabbing the waste, lifting the waste, moving to the charging port, weighing, charging, and returning the position. It will repeat the same motion automatically.


Anti-sway technology. 


Our company core technology anti-sway system can minimize the amplitude of crane load swing, and greatly improve the production efficiency of the crane.


High-precision positioning technology.


Through real-time monitoring and feedback of the operating positions of crane, trolley and grabs, the accurate three-dimensional position of the grabs can be obtained, together with the frequency conversion controller and the swing function, as well as the added fixed-point function to each mechanism, which ensures the positioning accuracy and also greatly improve the working efficiency of the crane.


Real-time dynamic measurement and judgment technology ensuring the crane to automatically judge the optimal garbage pickup location.

Weighing system. 


A set of weighing devices (4 load cells) is installed on the crane trolley for process weighing measurement and overload protection. Static weighing accuracy is better than plus or minus one percent, and it has overload alarm function.


Intelligent monitoring system.


Real time crane and crab status monitoring, fault diagnosis alarm and report statistics.




It adopts multi flap hydraulic grab with low center of gravity. The wire ropes between the crane and the grab bucket are arranged in a V shape, which reduces the torsion of the grab and the collision between the grab bucket and the building. The grab has anti-tip and power loss protection functions. At the same time, it has a set of independent control buttons for personnel easy operation.


Safety protection. 


Key protection including conventional circuit protection(overload, limit, anti-collision, interlock and short circuit, under voltage, over current, zero position.), warning alarm reminder, three-dimensional coordinate auxiliary protection and key area protection.


Durability and reliability. 


The crane is designed and manufactured for harsh working conditions: high temperature, Humidity, more dust and gas corrosive. A8 class heavy work duty. Average 8,000h working time per year, high load rate, high work frequency and less failed, guarantee smooth production

You can choose according to your needs, or you can consult our experts, we can provide you with the best solution for Refuse Crane.


1. High lifting height with anti-sway operation.

2. Real-time dynamic measurement.

3. Grab status monitoring, fault diagnosis alarm and report statistics.

4. Adapt to harsh working conditions: high temperature, Humidity, more Dust and Gas corrosive.

5. Heavy work load: average 8,000h working time per year, High load rate, high work frequency.

6. Reliable work: less failed, guarantee smooth production.

Capacity (t/d) 800-1,000 1,000-2,000 1,200-1,500
Lifting Weight (t) 8 10 12.5
Grab Volume (m3) 5 6.3 8
Span (m) 19.5-31.5 19.5-31.5 19.5-31.5
Lifting Height (m) 34 36 36
Working Level A8 A8 A8
Lifting Speed (m/min) 4.5-45 4.5-45 5-50
Lower Speed (m/min) 6-60 6-60 7-65
Trolley Traveling (m/min) 4.5-45 4.85-48.5 5-50
Crane Traveling (m/min) 4.8-48 6.5-65 7-70
Rail 43kg/m QU70 QU70
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