Marine Deck Crane

Weihua Marine deck cranes are designed and manufactured for safe and effective loading and unloading of container, break-bulk and dry bulk handling as well as heavy lift operations. The compact structure of our ship crane create more space in shipboard and less sight impact form bridge. With advantages of easy operation, high efficient handling, mobile and flexible and not needs tedious preparations before working.


Our deck cranes with features of hydraulic driven, compact structure, smart maintenance, simple operation, high flexibility and high efficiency handling.

  • Built-in integrated mechanical, electrical and hydraulic system, adopts full hydraulic drive system, intelligent maintenance.


  • Self-diagnostic wave compensation system to ensure that no objects slip off when the ship is hit by waves.


  • Luffing load horizontal movement technology ensure that the load moves horizontally without up and down drift during the boom luffing operation.


  • All mechanisms are built into the tower, equips eight safety devices such as torque limiters and visual safety monitoring system ensuring the safety operation of the deck crane.


  • Simple and convenient operation, high efficient loading and unloading, and installed on various type of ships.

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