Shipbuilding Gantry Crane

With the continuous development of the shipbuilding industry, the demand for shipyard gantry cranes is also growing rapidly. Compared with traditional portal cranes, this large shipyard gantry crane has obvious advantages in hull installation and transportation. It is usually used on docks or cargo ports for the manufacture of ships. Shipboard gantry cranes are mainly used for large hull loose transport, end-to-end joints and slewing operations. Not only does it have conventional lifting and horizontal handling functions, it also enables the hull to be turned over and the debris adjusted to the ship's necessary welding position.

Shipbuilding gantry cranes usually have two structures: single girder gantry cranes and double girder gantry cranes.

When it comes to large spans and large tonnage lifting weights, we recommend double girder gantry cranes;

When the lifting capacity you need is not very large and the span is relatively small, we recommend using a more economical single-girder gantry crane.

Weihua shipyard gantry cranes have been the No. 1 sales volume in China for 14 consecutive years. In the crane industry, we have 34 years of industry experience. We have professional R&D, manufacturing technology and perfect after-sales service. For extra-large tonnage shipyard gantry cranes, its span is relatively large. Due to the high transportation cost, we can send a professional technical team to your site for production, manufacturing and installation.

If you have any questions, you can contact our experts, we will provide you with the best gantry crane solutions according to your needs


The shipbuilding gantry crane is mainly composed of steel gantry, upper trolley, lower trolley, trolley traveling mechanism, maintenance, lubrication, elevator, and electrical equipment.

And it is equipped with rail clamping device (or wheel actuator), anchoring device, lifting weight limiter system, wind speed and direction system, limit switches of various institutions, and other safety protection devices.

For super-span gantry cranes, it can be equipped with a deviation correction system.

Large lifting capacity and large span.

Versatile and efficient.

A variety of accessories can be customized, such as: colors, electrical components, reducer motors, brakes, etc.

The girder adopts the optimized design of variable section, in order to make reasonable use of materials and save costs.

There are two types of outriggers for shipyard gantry cranes: single-column and double-column.

The upper and lower trolleys can be cross-operated.

Fully reliable rail clamps, ground anchors and other windproof devices can prevent storm attacks and enhance stability. .

All lifting mechanisms and walking mechanisms adopt frequency conversion speed regulation.

Technical Specification
Lifting Capacity T 2×50+100 2×75+100 2×100+160 2×150+200 2×400+400
Two Trolleys Lifting 150 200 300 500 1000
Section Reverse Lifting   100 150 200 300 800
Work Classifications A5
Span M 50 70 38.5 175 185
Lifting Height (M) H1 35 50 28 65/10 76/13
H2 35 50 28 65/10 76/13
Lifting Speed (M/Min) Full Load 0.5~5   0.5~5    0.4~4    0.5~5 0.32~3.2
No Load 1~10 1~10 0.8~8 1~10 0.64~6.4
Crane Travelling (M/Min) Full Load 2.5~25 2~20 3~30 1~25 3~30
No Load 3.5~35 3~30 4.5~45 1~30 3~40
Trolley Travelling (M/Min) Full Load 2.5~25 2.5~25 3~30 1~25 3~30
No Load 2.5~35 2.5~35 3~45 1~30 3~40
Wheel Load KN 260 320 330 700 750
Total Power KW 400 530 650 1550 1500
Power 3-Phase AC 50Hz 10KV
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