Shipyard Block Handling Crane

Modular and Compact Design


  • The crane main girder made of computer-optimised box sections, end carriages are made of torsionally rigid, welded box-section design. The Main beam and end beams connect with high strength bolts, our high precision processing equipment ensuring the connection accuracy and make the crane run smoothly.

  • The modular design uses a combination of high-quality parts and serial modules to form a rich product specification, modularization, standardization, and mass production mode to ensure product quality, shorten manufacturing period, easy transportation and installation.

  • By using compact hoist and high strength materials, the crane has much smaller sizes, wheel load and weight, which can decrease the height of building and reduce the plant construction cost.

  • Compact structure, low clearance, small dimension and large work scope, improving production efficiency.


Advanced Manufacturing Technology

  • Advanced steel plate pretreatment production line for shot blasting, painting and drying. Shot blasting grade reaches Sa2.5 and surface roughness (Rz) is 40~80μm. Primer spraying will be done within a specified time after the pretreatment to prevent rust, steel materials for main beam, girders will be transferred to fabrication workshop for cutting after pre-process.


  • The crane main girder, end carriages and trolley frame adopts our robot automatic welding technology, automatic double-sided intermittent welding technology for the reinforced angle steel weld on the main beam cover web and gantry submerged arc welding for longitudinal weld on the outside of the main beam, all ensuring the highest welding quality.


  • The industry leading technology and application of modular interchangeability of crane main girder and end beams.


  • The industry leading crane bridge frame and trolley frame processing technology after welding, achieving the high efficiency and stable processing accuracy of the overall crane processing technology after welding.


  • The industry leading automatic spraying production line includes three workshops of sandblasting, painting and drying. Safety, reliable and environmental.


High Safety, Reliability, Efficiency and Maintenance Free

  • Germany ABM Hoist lifting motor double-winding squirrel-cage pole-changing dual speed hoisting motor with stable and reliable operation, and free of maintenance. SEW variable speed inverter controlled travelling motors with stable and reliable operation and low noise.


  • Safety monitoring systems for hoisting and travelling mechanism, many functions can be achieved according to the demands of users.


1. Compute the rest circles of safety work of hoisting mechanism.

2. Accumulated working time for hoisting.

3. Accumulated overload times,

4. Accumulated start up times of hoisting motor.

5. Over-heat protection of hoisting motor and alarm.

6. Overload protection and alarm.

7. Brake pad thickness alarm.

8. Display fault information and maintenance tips.


  • The crane provides with many protection including linkage, overload protection, zero protection and limit protection, ensuring the crane always under safety operation.

  • The crane provides with advanced PLC automatic detection function, which can perform measurement, calculation and monitoring to the performance, safety and working condition in order to ensure more safe and reliable transportation of items.


  • Overload Protection. NW open winch equips electronic overload limiter (with safety monitor) to ensure the total lifting weight will not exceed the rated lifting load of the bridge, which will increase the safety of crane systems. The overload protector device will automatically cut off lifting loop if the pulling force o steel rope is more than 105% of the rated.


  • The Crane Standard working duty is FEM 2M/ISO M5, equipped with our NW series open winch with 1,600 hours of service at full load. M6, M7 and M8 work duty can be provided based on crane working requirement.

  • Standard Dual speed for hoisting with SWL below 32 Ton (VFD hoisting speed for SWL above 32 Ton)and variable frequency drive (VFD) control speed for cross and long travelling. Which improve load handling and reduce load sway motions, and below technical characteristics.


1. Smooth start and stop brings minimum impact and lower wear of brake, gears etc. Which will extend the system life cycle and reduce maintenance cost.

2. Variable controlled speed reduce load swing.

3. Slow speed for full load ensure safety while fast speed for light load improve efficiency.

4. Energy saving.

5. Low noise.

  • Electric Components. Electrical components uses ABB, Siemens and Schneider international brands.


Optional Functions


  • Anti-collision Protection


For several cranes travelling on the same rail, the common resolutions refer to install contact anti-collision device to avoid sharp impact due to incorrect operation. Non-contact infrared sensor anti-collision device will be additionally installed to take double safety protection measures with sound and light alarm if running busily or under an important working environment.

  • Tandem Operation

Loads can be safely transported by two ND(S) rope hoists through one single control unit, two cranes systems with up to four rope hoists can be synchronized as well.

  • Smart Electronic Anti-sway Control Technology


The electronic anti-sway control technology can reduce the mechanical and electrical damage caused by load shaking through controlling the sloshing of the load. The crane becomes easy to control, and the loads can be easily and accurately reached the designated position.


The crane operator will concentrate on the load itself, rather than the movement of the crane, the entire transportation process will be safer, accurate and the work efficiency will be greatly improved.

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