Shipyard Plate Handling Crane

Electromagnetic beam crane is mainly used to transport finished steel plates, billets, and sections in shipyard. The safe working load of this crane including the weight of electromagnetic beam.

Weihua electromagnetic beam cranes are divided into non-rotary electromagnetic beam cranes, rotary electromagnetic beam cranes and special electromagnetic beam cranes. The cranes can be designed and manufactured with types of double girder or single girder overhead cranes, gantry cranes and semi gantry cranes.


Main Features and Benefits of Electromagnetic Beam Cranes


1. The rotating part of hook must be locked by screws during electromagnetic plate working.


2. Its lifting capacity includes the weight of electromagnetic part, and the weight of whole crane does not include the weight of electromagnetic chuck and its components.


3. Box-typed girder structure is welded in high strength by robots.


4. Wheels, winding drums, gears and couplings are manufactured by CNC with best quality.


5. Heavy-duty slip ring motor from Wuxi NGP, the best quality in China.


6. Electric equipment from German Siemens.


7. Independent control system: radio remote control or cab control.


8. Lifting overload protection device.


9. Polyurethane buffer.


10. Crane travel limit switch.


11. Decompression protection.


12. Emergency shutdown device.


13. Current overload protector.

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